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This in line Amp and Volt meter will let the user monitor EITHER the input or output of an appliance.

The meter will only work ONE WAY at a time. For instance:

  • It will read the INPUT charge that is being produced into the battery (example: solar panel)
  • It will read the OUTPUT of the appliance (example: monitoring a fridge draw)


The gauge will provide a number of readings:

  • Amp draw (Input or Output)
  • Watt draw (Input or Output)
  • Battery Voltage
  • Accumulative draw (Input or Output) - reset by disconnecting

Rated to 50 Amp and fitted with Anderson connectors, this is an extremely easy gauge to use on any system.


How to read INPUT: (example using a solar panel)

  • Connect "LOAD" to the BATTERY
  • Connect "SOURCE" to the SOLAR PANEL


How to read OUTPUT: (example monitoring the fridge draw)

  • Connect "LOAD" to the FRIDGE
  • Connect "SOURCE" to the BATTERY


12 month warranty

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