Intelli-RV 500A External Current Shunt (PMSHUNT)

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PROJECTA has introduced an optional 500A external current shunt to its INTELLI-RV power management range, allowing the INTELLI-RV System to accurately measure large power loads, keeping an accurate State of Charge. Instead of bypassing INTELLI-RV system with direct battery connection, installers can now wire an inverter to the external shunt, which will communicate with the INTELLI-RV system.

The unit comes as a kit (P/No. PMSHUNT), complete with all wiring and connectors required to connect to an INTELLI-RV management system. Kit components can also be purchased individually (see part numbers table).

The INTELLI-RV external current shunt is compatible with all PM2xx, PM3xx and PM4xx series systems and AGM/GEL/Wet/Lithium battery types.


Connecting an inverter directly to a battery can produce inaccurate State of Charge information on INTELLI-RV remote monitoring LCD screens and the smart phone app. By wiring an inverter to the external shunt, the inverter’s power draw is accurately represented and accounted for on displays.

In addition to inverters, installers may also use this 500A shunt to connect large DC-DC chargers to an INTELLI-RV system.





Continuous Current




Battery Types

AGM/ GEL/ Wet/ Lithium

Working Temperature

-20~ 50°C

Storage Temperature

-30~ 70°C

Votlage Accuracy


Current Accuracy

± 0.4%

IP Rating



102mm x 102mm x 57mm

Shunt Current Draw




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