Normally Open 70°C Thermostat Switch | ST3833

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This phenolic-housed unit attaches to any metal surface which needs to be heat monitored. These thermostat switches have normally open contacts. They operate once the temperature reaches a specified limit and automatically reset to their original normally open state once the temperature drops below its rated temperature.

These are suitable for power amplifier applications and other temperature sensitive devices where a cooling fan needs to be integrated to cool the device down. Mounting holes are provided, ideal for attachment to a heatsink or any metallic surface. 



Type of thermal switch or fuse : Thermal circuit breaker
Thermal reset method : Automatic
Thermal trip temperature : 70°C
Normally open or normally closed : Normally open
operating tolerance : +/- 5°C (32VDC), +/- 8°C (125VAC), +/-10°C (250VAC)
reset differential : 10°C - 50°C
contact endurance : 32VDC-100mA, 125VAC-10A, 250VAC-6A
operation cycles : 50000, 100000, 30000
Height : 21.2mm
Diameter : 30.3mm

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