Projecta 12 Volt 1100 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter | PW1100

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The Projecta ProWave inverters have been upgraded to incorporate a heavy duty design, increased capacity, added protection and an extended 3 year manufacturer's warranty! 

This impressive design offers sizes ranging from 500 watts up to 2700 watts!

The Projecta PW1100 has targeted to heavy draw appliances such as 240 volt TV's, Laptops, Gaming consoles, small power tools and more

Included with an optional remote head, it is now easy to monitor the usage of your system remotely from your inverter location!


Recommended fuse Holder:  ANM / ANS / MEGA Fuse
Recommended fuse: Mega Fuse 150-200Amp
This inverter comes with 1.1mt length of 16mm cable.
Wanting to upgrade your cable length?
Recommended cable for this inverter: 6B&S Red (13.5mm) + 6B&S Black (13.5mm)
Lugs to suit cable: CL-16-8
3 year warranty

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