Projecta 12 Volt 3000 watt Pure Sine Inverter | IP3000 - BLACK FRIDAY

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Designed to power up and run the most demanding appliances with ease and safety, Projecta’s new IP3000 inverter joins the Intelli-Wave family as our most powerful inverter to date. This pure sine wave powerhouse offers an incredible 6000W of peak power for up to 3 seconds and 4200W for up to 3 minutes, overcoming the most demanding appliance start up requirements.

Continuous 3000W allows the inverter to power the likes of air conditioners, induction cooktops and air compressors.IP3000 features an AC transfer switch, allowing uninterrupted switching between AC/mains and DC/battery power sources, so sensitive appliances like computers and televisions can remain on.

A power saving “ECO” mode reduces inverter current draw to just 10mA at the touch of a button, extending battery run time, whilst the built-in RCD safety switch ensures maximum safety in the event of appliance short circuit or malfunction.

  • Enormous 6000W Startup Power for 3 seconds
  • AC Transfer Switch for seamless switching between AC and DC power
  • Power saving ECO mode
  • Built-in RCD safety Switch

Dimensions: 525 x 250 x 105mm

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