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Introducing the IDC25X, Projecta’s ultimate masterpiece—the pinnacle of design, engineering, and testing.

This groundbreaking creation sets a new benchmark for DC to DC chargers, redefining industry standards.

DC to DC chargers are one of the most important products in the Australian/New Zealand Automotive Market. The flagship Projecta IDC25 has reigned as one of the market leaders for the last 7 years. However, simply being one of the market leaders just doesn’t cut it for Projecta. We are, once again, pushing the limits of what is possible in a DC to DC charger to incredible new heights.


  • Super efficient design won’t derate in hot conditions (up to 75°C)
  • Operation up to 90°C makes it ideal for under bonnet applications
  • Highest possible rating against dust, water and pressure washing (IP68 & IP69K)
  • Fully potted with thermal epoxy resin


  • Designed, engineered and tested in Australia
  • Engineered with the best electronic components for a longer life
  • Ultra-efficient Power Conversion – more charging for your battery and less stress on the charger means a longer life for both
  • Vibration and shock proof – Heavy Vehicle Standards
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Pre-set charging modes for AGM, Wet, Gel, Calcium and Lithium
  • 3 & 5 Stage Charging for the best possible charge
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation adjusts for optimum charge when the climate changes
  • Voltage Drop Compensation ensures correct charge voltage at the battery
  • Simultaneous Charging - Solar / Alternator
  • Highly efficient MPPT Solar charging ensures the best possible charge even in the shade
  • Lithium Wake Up Mode – ensures the battery BMS turns on, the charger recognizes there is a battery and begins to charge


  • When paired with the Intelli-IQ Smart Relays, the final level of functionality is unlocked
  • The Intelli-IQ is capable of linking up to 15 products together into one system, providing the user total control
It allows:
  1. User to monitor and control their IDC25X
  2. Software/firmware updates via Bluetooth®, which means IDC25X is fully future-proof
  3. User defined charging profiles which means IDC25X can be compatible with
  4. ANY battery chemistry
  5. Parallel up to 5 units together seamlessly
  6. All with simple 1 wire connection
  • Over time more products will become available with IQ-Inside

Through tireless research, rigorous testing, and constant evolution, the Projecta Product Development Team has produced a revolutionary product that will redefine the market.

IDC25X has been designed, engineered and tested in Australia and specifically tailored to thrive in the distinct environments that DC to DC chargers encounter.

IDC25X has been designed and tested to WORK HARDER IN THE TOUGHEST CONDITIONS – more than any DC to DC charger ever has before. This massive claim is backed by Projecta with absolute confidence.

IDC25X has been engineered to meet IP68 & IP69K for water and dust ingress - higher than any other charger on the market today. There’s no risk of failure due to submersion (up to 3m) or high pressure water spray – and IDC25X is resistant to harsh vibration and shock standards.
It is PURPOSE-DESIGNED to be mounted in engine bays. The circuitry has been fully-potted with high quality thermal epoxy resin, which draws heat away from the internal electronics to the outer housing.

In hot temperatures (e.g. 50°C), this incredible design means that IDC25X will maintain a charge output of 25A. At this same temperature, competitor chargers can drop to 13A output or lower. (50 degrees at the charger, which is about 25 degrees ambient).

IDC25X will continue to provide a full 25A charge up to an amazing 75°C! At this temperature, most competitor chargers will stop charging altogether! But IDC25X won’t stop there - continuing to provide charge until 90°C!
With maximum charge output even in extreme temperatures, IDC25X is the one TRUE under-bonnet DCDC charger on the market.

As the IDC25X has undergone meticulous design, engineering, and testing in Australia, it incorporates top-of-the-line electronic components and an optimal design. This exceptional combination allows the IDC25X to achieve outstanding efficiency in converting input power to output power. The result, is a unit that operates with minimal heat generation, reducing stress on the components and ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan.

The internal construction of IDC25X eliminates the use of solder on the high-current connections, resulting in superior contact quality and further enhancing its lifespan and reliability.

And to back it all up, we proudly offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty. It’s important to note that this warranty covers full replacement or refund, solidifying our commitment to customer satisfaction.

How IDC25X provides the best possible care for your battery
Although the IDC25X outperforms other chargers in durability and endurance under challenging conditions, its true value lies in the exceptional care it provides to your battery. This is another area where the IDC25X goes above and beyond. With its advanced features, it offers 3 & 5 Stage Charging, ensuring the optimal charge for both Lithium batteries and older style Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, and Calcium batteries. Additionally, when paired with Intelli-IQ, it even allows users to select specific charge profiles, providing unparalleled customization and adaptability.

Amplifying this, the IDC25X includes a temperature compensation function. This means the charger AUTOMATICALLY changes the way it is charging the battery depending on the climate. This is crucial, because batteries have different charging needs depending on the temperature.
Many chargers out there don’t have temperature compensation, or rely on users to manually tweak settings (which most users don’t bother with). Without temperature compensation, there’s a real risk of shortening battery lifespan.

Voltage drop compensation ensures correct charge voltage at the battery. Because IDC25X can be mounted anywhere (including under the bonnet), it is often situated 1-2 metres away from the battery. This can result in significant voltage drop between the charger and the battery. However, the IDC25X automatically adjusts the voltage to ensure optimal voltage is provided to the battery.

IDC25X also allows for simultaneous input from solar panels and the alternator. This means that if your solar panels are installed on the roof, a portion of the 25A charge is sourced from solar power, while the alternator supplements the charge to reach a maximum of 25A. The highly efficient MPPT Solar charging system enables optimal charging, even in shaded conditions. Compared to the IDC25, the solar algorithm of the IDC25X is notably more efficient, delivering increased power in adverse lighting situations. Additionally, the IDC25X accommodates solar inputs of up to 360W.

The IDC25X has Lithium Wake Up Mode. All lithium batteries come equipped with a built-in battery management system (BMS) that automatically shuts off the battery when its charge level is low.

However, this poses a challenge for standard chargers, as they fail to detect the presence of a battery once the BMS is turned off. In some cases, specific power supply modes are required to activate the BMS. But with the IDC25X, it’s a breeze—just press the button on the unit to wake up the battery, and you’re ready to roll!

What about installation? The dedicated team at Projecta invested a tremendous amount of time in designing the installation process to ensure that it is significantly easier when compared to the IDC25.

  • Firstly, IDC25X is designed to work with both smart and conventional alternators.
  • Secondly, the IDC25X offers a convenient and secure nut and bolt termination method, eliminating the need for cumbersome connections of thick battery cables. This feature not only simplifies the installation process, but also ensures a reliable and secure connection

The IDC25X also comes with everything you need to wire it up (excluding fuses) with lugs, terminals and heatshrink all included.
This makes for an easy and neat installation which is all concealed by the cover.

IDC25X is Designed with IQ Inside

IDC25X is the most connected DC to DC charger ever designed. It is designed with IQ Inside, which provides a myriad of user benefits.
To unlock the true benefits of the IQ technology, the IDC25X needs to be paired with the IQD2 Intelli IQ display (coming soon). This can be done at the time of installation be integrated later via its single wire connectivity.

Once the Intelli-IQ is connected, users have total control. With the Intelli-IQ app on a smartphone or the Intelli-IQ display itself, users gain the ability to set up, monitor, and control the IDC25X remotely.It allows users to create personalized charging profiles and, importantly, ensures that the IDC25X is 100% future-proof. Through remote firmware and software updates, which take only minutes, users can enhance  functionality, introduce new charging profiles for upcoming batteries, improve MPPT efficiency, and even enjoy added features like automatic Lithium Wake Up mode (coming soon).

This flexibility allows for seamless upgrades and ensures that the IDC25X remains up-to-date, without the need for uninstallation.
IDC25X will now charge ANY battery chemistry with pre-set charging profiles for AGM, GEL, WET, Calcium and Lithium batteries for true multi-chemistry charging. Pairing with Intelli-IQ unlocks Bluetooth® control over the IDC25X. With rapidly advancing battery technology, it’s nearly impossible to cover every battery profile. However, by utilizing the Intelli-IQ App, users can stay ahead of the game.

Projecta can continuously update the battery charge profile catalogue, ensuring that the IDC25X delivers the best user experience. As new batteries are released, the IDC25X will be equipped to provide optimal charging performance.

Multiple IDC25X’s can easily be paralleled together. This means that two 25A units can easily be wired up to become a 50A unit and this can be done with up to 5 units.

Finally (for now), the IDC25X can create an entire ecosystem to control and monitor the 12V system. When paired with the Projecta smart relays the IDC25X + Intelli-IQ can control up to 15 devices from lights, to fridges, to compressors and even provide remote jump starting. This is all done with simple wiring and can be controlled either by the Intelli-IQ screen or any smart device.
It is important to note that the Intelli-IQ system is completely scalable and will grow over time to allow even more functionality.

All these features and benefits prove that IDC25X is the most advanced
product Projecta has ever made and we can’t wait to share it!












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Not working on initial setup

4 stars only because after setting up correctly the mode button did not work as per instructions to change from Gel to AGM battery. Then on the morning of the 3rd day I tried again and the mode button actually worked so I'm guessing that it needed time to adjust to being set up. But now it's working fine. There was nothing in the instructions regarding to the fact that it may take some time for the unit to adjust to the setup

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

No issues

Genuine product, very competitive price, fast delivery

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Allan G.
Australia Australia

Outstanding build quality

Excellent build quality. This new model Projecta DCDC converter is certainly solid and next generation. Projecta are back in the Redarc race.