SEAFLO 51 Series 18.9LPM Auto Demand Diaphragm Pump *24 Volt* | SFPD-51

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  • Yacht / RV/Caravan pressurized water system,
  • Sprayer fixture (Vehicle-mounted sprayer, electric sprayer)
  • Clean machine, Humidifier, Water purification, Medical apparatus
  • Food beverage filling & liquid transfer
  • Any other pressurization system


  1. Max Flow rate: 20lpm (5.3gpm) can be adjusted from 6.0- 20lpm (1.6-5.3gpm) as required.
  2. Max Pressure: 100psi (6.9bar) can be adjusted from 10psi (0.6bar) to 100psi (6.9bar) as required.
  3. Pressure switch protection: pressure-off or circumfluence’s switch protection. For the powered control, you can choose pump without pressure protection.
  4. Duty Cycle: Intermittent (Under different pressure, the continuously working time will also be different)
  5. Santorprene diaphragm & run dry without damage
  6. Built-in check valve & corrosion resistant
  7. Self-priming & can endure Max.120°C
  8. Silent running & smooth operation

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