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This Thumper battery box has been designed as the perfect option for installing a secondary battery within the vehicle; it is especially suited to new model vehicles, however will suit any make, model or year vehicle.

Designed for use with any traditional lead acid batteries (Wetcell, AGM, GEL), the box has been manufactured with an internal DC Battery charger, rated to 20Amps.

Key Features:

  • In built DC Charger, rated to 20 Amps
  • Suits all AGM / Wetcell / GEL Batteries
  • Will boost vehicle output to provide a constant 13.8 - 14 Volts
  • DC Charger wired to dedicated 50 Amp Anderson
  • Note: The DC charger is not an isolator. This system is recommended to use with a vehicle isolator


*This box is not designed to suit Lithium batteries - please see our Deluxe / Redarc Std / core CORE model to suit Lithium batteries.


This package includes:

1 Battery Box with internally built 20 Amp DC Charger
1 Complete vehicle wiring loom TUR-L (6mm)


The loom will connect direct from the vehicle's starter battery and will continue to the location of the DC battery box.

The dedicated 50 Amp Anderson for vehicle charging allows for a rapid recharge of 20 Amps per hour from the vehicle when driving. The box will separate from the vehicle’s starter battery via an isolator designed to fit near the starter battery; included in the kit.

The option to remove the box from the vehicle has been made easy by simply disconnecting the Anderson plug when required. 

The box is fitted with multiple connections to suit even the most elaborate camper or 4WD enthusiast.

The battery box comprises of:

DC Voltage booster - rated to 20 Amp - Specifications listed below

suitable for Lead acid batteries (Gel / AGM / Calcium)

2 Marine grade Cigarette socket - rated to 16 Amps
Includes rubber cap design to protect sockets

Engel Fridge type socket (2 prong design) - rated to 16 Amps

1 Dual USB socket - rated to 2.2Amp (min rating)
1 Push button switch
- used to illuminate the volt meter and to also activate power to the USB
2 50 Amp Anderson connectors - INPUT/OUTPUT (bi-directional)
(one fitted to front of box and one on rear) 
1 50 Amp Anderson connector - dedicated for vehicle (alternator) input - labelled "Alternator input"| Connected to DC Charger
1 All internal cabling to allow you to simply connect straight to the battery terminals
1 3 year manufacturing warranty

Battery Box | Internal Dimensions:
Length 330 mm
Width 183 mm
Height 220 mm - Base only (Lid allows more height)

Battery Box | External Dimensions:
Length 410 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 280 mm

Do I need to install the wiring loom?

The DC charger within the box is simply a voltage booster. It will not act to isolate the main starter battery from the secondary battery when the vehicle is switched off. 

Installing the provided vehicle wiring loom (TUR-L 6mm) will allow for the box to act as a dual battery system; charging from the vehicle when driving, and isolating away from the vehicle when the ignition has been switched off.

If you already have an isolator fitted to the vehicle, and a heavy duty charge line wired to an Anderson connection (minimum of 6mm automotive gauge is recommended), then there would be no need to install the vehicle wiring loom included with this kit. 


What does the DC charger actually do?

The vehicle wiring loom will allow you to harness the power from the vehicle's alternator when driving to recharge your secondary battery within the box. If the vehicle has a voltage of +14.2 Volts or more, then a simple vehicle wiring loom is sufficient to successfully charge a traditional lead acid battery.

However, if the vehicle's voltage output is low, less than <14.2 Volts when driving, then the secondary battery will struggle to reach full charge. This is where a DC charger comes into action.

The DC charger will convert the low output from the vehicle to produce a constant charge rate of approx 13.8~14.2Volts to the secondary battery.

This higher voltage to the secondary battery ensures the battery reaches full charge, whilst also acting to extend the life of the battery it is charging.

Specifications of the DC Charger:

Input Voltage

10.5 Volts - 30 Volts

Output Voltage

13.8 - 14.2 Volts

Constant charge rate 15 - 20 Amps
Maximum charge rate 23 Amps
Temperature cut out: 75*C
Minimum operating temperature -20*C
Float voltage 13.8 Volts


The Battery Box Loom includes:

Relay mount (100 Amp Relay / Midi Fuse Holder / Midi Fuse)
6mt 6mm twin core automotive cable
Anderson to rear box wired in 6mm (optional to fit)
Anderson to Anderson 1mt connecting cable (6mm)
Pk5 zip ties
Fuse Tap options (Micro / Micro2 / Mini Fuse)
Assortment of lugs, cable joiners and screws

Image of TUR-L vehicle wiring loom

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