Thumper Battery Box with in built VSR Isolator + 120 AH Battery

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This battery box is designed with an internal battery isolator (VSR).
The battery isolator is designed to separate the vehicle starter battery from the battery fitted within this box when the vehicle ignition has been turned off. This essentially will allow the user a 'portable battery system' that can charge from the vehicle when driving but has the option to easily be removed at any stage.

The battery isolator is fitted within the box and is wired directly to a designated 50 Amp Anderson connector, labelled 'ALTERNATOR INPUT'. This connector must only be used for the vehicle charging.

The box is also fitted with 2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors that can be used for either charging or discharging of any other appliances.

The box includes a full wiring loom for the vehicle installation.

Product information:
The Thumper battery boxes offers a selection of 12 volt sockets, including:

2 x Marine grade Cigarette socket - rated to 16 Amps at 12 Volt

1 x Engel Fridge socket (unique 2 prong socket) - rated to 16 Amps at 12 volt

1 x High output Dual USB - rated at 2.4 Amps at 5 volts
- wired to only operate when the digital gauge is illuminated

2 x 50 Amp bi-directional Anderson connector
(can be used as either an inlet or outlet)

1 x Digital volt meter - wired to push button switch (so you may leave illuminated or turn off when not required)

Internal circuit breaker protection on all outlet sockets
The features of the VSR box
Fitted with an internal Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR), The Thumper VSR battery box makes installation into any vehicle easy!

Wired directly to a dedicated 50 Amp Anderson connection for vehicle charging; The internal isolator will disconnect from the main cranking battery when the vehicle voltage drops below 12.7volts.
With an activation voltage as low as 13.2Volts, this box is the perfect set up for any new model vehicle with a low charging voltage.

The VSR battery box is supplied with a complete vehicle wiring harness so easy to install, you can even do it yourself!

Connection voltage:     13.2 Volts
Disconnect voltage:     12.7 Volts
Charge rate capacity:    50 Amps

Questions and answers for the VSR box

Q). What is a VSR ?

VSR stands for Voltage Sensitive Relay.

The VSR will act as your battery isolator, allowing your main battery to disconnect from the secondary battery when alternator is no longer charging.

Voltage sensitive means that the isolator will only operate (open and close the charging circuit) when the main battery reaches certain voltages.

The VSR will open the charging circuit to allow for the secondary battery to charge only once the main vehicle battery reaches 13.2 Volts.

The VSR will disconnect the main and secondary battery from one another (when the alternator is no longer charging) when the main battery drops to 12.7 Volts

Q). Do I need a VSR in my Dual battery set up?
The VSR is basically the 'brains' behind a dual battery system.

The VSR module ensures that the MAIN and AUX battery are disconnected from one another after the vehicle's ignition has been switched off.

Without the use of a VSR (or similar device), your MAIN cranking battery will remain connected to your secondary battery = potential risk of flattening your starter battery and causing long term damage

The use of a VSR will ensure you secondary battery remains independent from your vehicle's starter battery

Q). Why would I want a VSR built within the battery box?
Ease of use between multiple vehicles / easy installation / versatility!

The 'everyday' dual battery system would require installation of a VSR (or similar device) to be fitted under the bonnet of the vehicle (or connected onto the main cranking battery).

From the VSR you would then wire your charging cable through to the location of the secondary battery.

This type of system is what we would refer to as a 'vehicle charging system'.

The Thumper VSR box allows for an easy fit of the vehicle charging system!

As the VSR isolator is now fitted internally within the battery box, you would no longer require an under bonnet isolator (VSR) to be fitted.

Simply run a twin core cable (provided in this kit) directly off the positive and negative terminals of your starter battery (with an in line circuit breaker fitted on the positive cable), directly to your battery box!

The VSR Battery box is equipped with a designated 50 Amp Anderson connector labelled 'ALTERNATOR INPUT'. Simply connect your vehicle cable into this outlet and the box will d the rest!

- The same Battery box may be used in several vehicles at a reduced cost of not needing additional isolator's fitted!

- If you upgrade / change over your vehicles frequently then the use of the VSR box means you do not lose your charging kit!

- Simply and easy installation - so easy that most people would do this themselves! (wiring diagram included)

Q). Can I still use the Anderson connector on the box for other appliances?
The VSR box is equipped with 2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors.

One of the 50 Amp Anderson connectors is wired directly to the internal VSR. This is purely a charging point from the vehicle and will not provide any power for running other appliances.

The remaining 50 Amp Anderson is wired as both an inlet or an outlet. You may certainly use this point for running your appliances, or charging from other sources (such as solar panel)

Q). Can I jump start from the box?
This particular box is not equipped with provision for jump starting.

The VSR will not act to link the batteries for starting purposes.

If you require jump starting then you would physically need to remove the battery from the box and use the battery to jump start as normal.

Q). Do I need to fit extra fuses / circuit breakers when wiring into my vehicle?

The wiring harness included comes with everything you would need to fit in the vehicle

From the starter battery you would be required to install a circuit breaker on the positive line. This is the only protection you will need to fit with this system as the circuit breaker is also fitted internally within the battery box.

Q). What size battery will be box fit?
The box will allow usually for up to a 120 AH - 130 AH AGM type battery.

The internal measurements will allow for:

Length - 343mm
Width - 184mm
Height - 254mm

Q). Is the box available without the VSR?
Yes, Thumper offers a full range of battery boxes.

This is only one design of battery box. Please continue to browse our site for more options!


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