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Built with the Dual Chemistry RedArc BCDC1225D, the Thumper DC Battery Box REDARC allows for In vehicle & solar charge via the use of a DC charger.
Designed for the use of lithium, GEL or AGM batteries; Altering the charging profile from AGM / GEL to LITHIUM is now as simple as changing one spade connection inside the Battery Box and that's it!

     Designed for both AGM/GEL & Lithium Chemistry 
    • The box runs a sensor wire in the lid to change between the chemistry of battery (simply disconnect or reconnect one wire to change the charging profile)
    The charger is mounted to the top of the Battery box and internally wired with circuit breaker protection to protect all connections
    Simply drop your battery into the box and connect only two wires from the box direct to your battery terminals.
    Available to purchase in multiple packages - please see listing options


    Battery Box REDARC DC | LITHIUM & AGM | Thumper
    This particular listing suits a DUAL CHEMISTRY of both LITHIUM & AGM:

    Comprising of:

    Redarc BCDC1225D 25Amp DC Battery charger (solar and vehicle compatible charge)

    - suitable for Lithium / Gel / AGM / Calcium  

    2 Marine grade Cigarette socket - rated to 16 Amps
    Includes rubber cap design to protect all sockets

    Engel Fridge type socket (2 prong design) - rated to 16 Amps

    1 Dual USB socket - rated to 2.2Amp (min rating)
    - used to illuminate the Volt meter gauge and activate the USB
    2 50 Amp Anderson connectors - Labelled INPUT/OUTPUT
    (one fitted to front of box and one on rear) 
    1 50 Amp Anderson connectors - designed purely for solar panel input - labelled "Unregulated solar input"
    1 50 Amp Anderson connectors - designed purely for vehicle (alternator) input - labelled "Alternator input"
    1 All internal cabling to allow you to simply connect straight to the battery terminals
    1 Internal 50 Amp shunt
    1 Comprehensive Battery monitor screen
    1 Over-ride switch for low voltage activation
    1 2.1mm Inlet / Outlet connection

    Break down of sockets:

    Internal Dimensions:
    330 mm
    Width 183 mm
    Height 220 mm (base only - lid allows for further height)

    External Dimensions:
    410 mm
    Width 260 mm
    Height 280 mm
    * Dimensions includes all protruding outlet sockets *

    The Battery Box Loom includes:(TUR-LOOM-8mm)
    Relay mount (100 Amp Relay / Midi Fuse Holder / Midi Fuse)
    6mt 8mm twin core (8B&S) automotive cable
    Anderson to rear box wired in 8mm (optional to fit)
    Anderson to Anderson 1mt connecting cable (8mm)
    Pk5 zip ties
    Fuse Tap options (Micro / Micro2 / Mini Fuse)
    Assortment of lugs, cable joiners and screws

    Image of TUR-L vehicle wiring loom

    Thumper REDARC MODEL (Deluxe version)

    R.R.P $ 1,199.00


    Questions & Answers:

    Q. Why would I would i need to install the isolator under the bonnet with this system when the BCDC1225D will act as an isolator anyway?

    It is true that the BCDC1225D will act as an isolator itself. When operating as normal, the BCDC1225D will engage and disengage according to the voltage of the main start battery, which is ultimately determined by the alternator output. This DC charger will work fine as the isolator providing that the vehicle has a voltage output that is constantly > 13.3 Volts. 

    There is reason why we provide and recommend to install the isolator under the bonnet of the vehicle with this deluxe box. 
    The reason for this is if you choose to use the 'OVERRIDE SWITCH' on the deluxe box. 

    The override switch is designed for vehicles that produce < 13.3 Volts. Sometimes this low voltage output is apparent immediately from the starting the vehicle. Other times, it can take 10 - 15 minutes before the vehicle alternator falls below this point. IF the vehicle output falls below 13.3 volts, then the BCDC1225D will 'think' that you have switched off the ignition and it will act to isolate from the vehicle, meaning you will no longer be charging. 

    By turning ON the override switch, this will OVERRIDE the voltage activation of the DC charger. It basically means that with the SWITCH ON, the DC charger will charge immediately from the vehicle alternator (regardless of the voltage output of the vehicle alternator). However, when the OVERRIDE switch is on, the ISOLATOR within the DC charger will not operate. 

    This is the reason why we provide an additional isolator to install under the bonnet. This under bonnet isolator will then protect you from the possibility of flattening your vehicle starter battery IF you are using the override switch for low output vehicles. 
    How to re-set the gauge:

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    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Battery box combo

    All good arrived on time and good condition Just as I requested

    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Thumper extreme battery box

    I bought this with the 170 lifepo4 lithium battery in a package deal and am so happy with it! Got it to run my large compressor fridge and other 12v stuff. Plug and play not that simple but my nephew set it all up to solar and vehicle charging and it works awesome. Has been full since set up and I live in van. Customer service was excellent and after sales great answered any questions I had. Postage was 5 days after order. Only thing I'd say I'd clips for USB and lighter plugs a little hard to access nephew turned the USB one and heaps better. Would recommend for someone that has no clue and wants a simple set up. Very happy with it.

    Home of 12 Volt Online Thumper REDARC DELUXE DC Battery Box BCDC1225D | Multi-Chemistry - Black Friday ReviewHome of 12 Volt Online Thumper REDARC DELUXE DC Battery Box BCDC1225D | Multi-Chemistry - Black Friday Review
    Luke M.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Thumper lithium battery box

    Extremely fast delivery, great product!

    Steven B.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Thumper lithium deluxe battery box and battery .

    Great so far , although I haven’t had the product long and will be travelling around Australia for a year and will do a further review once I’m back. The wiring loom was easy to install and works as it should. The dcdc charger turns on when I turn the 4wd on and off when I turn the car off so it doesn’t drain my starter battery in the Ute, I have a smart alternator in my ute that runs low voltage . There are plenty of power sockets to run everything in my 4wd. It charges at approximately 24 amp hours per hour off my alternator when driving and approx 9-10 amps per hour off my 200 watt solar panel when parked up in good sun. I run a fridge and some lights in the canopy of my Ute and charge phones iPads etc and the battery stays at least 2/3 full or higher all of the time (even when I haven’t started the ute for a few days)so there is plenty enough power with the 100 amp lithium battery with the rate this dcdc battery box chargers. The battery and box is quite light and portable and easy to put in and out of the Ute. If this battery box and battery keeps working the way it is ( and it should it’s a great unit) then I will be very happy. I had some questions and called up home of 12 volt and they provided answers that I needed and were happy to help. I’d very much recommend this product.

    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Lithium battery box

    Easy installation. Clear instructions. Working as it should .

    Home of 12 Volt Online Thumper REDARC DELUXE DC Battery Box BCDC1225D | Multi-Chemistry - Black Friday Review