Thumper Lithium 40 AH Battery Pack | In line DC Charger 8 Amp for Cigarette socket charge!

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Are you looking to install a dual battery system but do not want to HARD-WIRE anything to the vehicle??

This is the package for you!

All you need is the vehicle cigarette socket and this package will do the rest!



The Thumper 40 AH  Lithium battery pack!


  (No vehicle wiring loom with this package)

1 x

240 Volt 5 Amp Battery Charger

1 x

12 Volt 8 Amp In line DC charger (to connect to cigarette socket of vehicle)

The Thumper Lithium battery pack is a reliable, compact and lightweight alternative to the standard lead acid portable dual battery system.

​Designed with the latest technology of Lithium LiFePo4 cells, the Thumper offers a fully sealed and maintenance free battery pack that can safely be used on any side.

​Equipped with an internal Battery Management System (BMS), the Thumper Lithium offers safe charging and discharging with over temperature protection, under and over voltage cut off protection and internal short circuit protection.

The Thumper range of Lithium battery packs have a usable power of 95% capacity. At this point, the BMS system within the Thumper will shut down all power to the unit.  In order to reset the BMS, an charge load must be connected to the battery.

​Note: The Thumper Lithium is not suitable for Jump-Starting


The Thumper Lithium 40 AH is the perfect option for the individual looking to run a 40-50Lt compressor driven fridge for up to 60 hours.

It has never been easier to understand your battery set up! This unit has been fitted with the calibrated digital display screen, providing the user with a complete digital reading of:

  • Battery Voltage
  • Remaining amp hour capacity
  • The current input / output draw on the battery (both watt & amp reading)
  • Remaining run time for discharge / or remaining time to recharge

The unit is equipped with:

1 x Digital display screen                                1 x Anderson (Max. 20Amp rating)

2 x Cigarette socket                                        1 x Dual USB socket (Min. 2.4Amp)

1 Engel Fridge socket                                     1 x 2.1mm Input / Output     

1 x Internal circuit breaker protection             1 x Manual reset 15 Amp circuit breaker


Product code



40 AH

MAX Discharge

40 Amps

MAX Input charge

40 Amps


240L x 190W x 270H


6.9 kg


3 years


12 Volt Charging: (TUR-L NOT included in this listing)

The Thumper 40 AH is usually included with a complete vehicle wiring loom (TUR-L) - NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE - replaced with In line DC 8 Amp

The wiring loom will allow for the Thumper Lithium pack to charge from the vehicle whilst driving and will separate from the main starter battery when the vehicle ignition is off.

The TUR-L has been removed from this package and instead includes:

1 x In line DC Battery Charger rated to 8 Amps.

The In line DC 8 Amp Charger:

The Thumper Lithium DC (In vehicle) LiFePO4 Battery charger has been designed especially with a 2.1mm charge plug to connect directly into your Thumper Lithium battery pack or Battery Box.

This charger is solely designed for the use with LiFePO4 Lithium batteries.The charger has the ability to reactivate Lithium batteries that have shut down the BMS system with a low voltage disconnect.

Directions for use:
This particular charger is fitted with a male cigarette plug to connect directly into your 'factory fitted' or aftermarket cigarette socket within the vehicle.

The battery charger will convert the vehicle's output (as low as 10.5Volts) to charge at the desired 14.6 Volts to suit a Lithium battery.
This is the PERFECT option for those wanting to put a dual battery system in the vehicle, without having to wire anything in the vehicle!!


Product code LDC-8A
Rated capacity 8 Amp
Input Voltage 10.5 Volts - 26 Volts
Output voltage 14.6 Volt   5 Amps
Chemistry Lithium LiFePO4 cells
Connection 2.1mm male plug
Suits Thumper Lithium 24 ~ 90 AH Battery Pack
Warranty 12 months




Thumper Lithium approx. run time  |   Average run - GUIDE

35 - 50Lt Compressor Fridge 0*C at 25*C Ambient Temperature

 Capacity Lithium run time AGM run time
90 AH 135 HOURS 83 HOURS
Discharged to 90% capacity at 11.8 Volts Discharged to 80% capacity at 11.8 Volts


How to reset the digital display screen:

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