Thumper Lithium Dual Battery adaptor (TL-DB)

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The TL-DB adaptor is designed especially for the Thumper Lithium range of battery packs.

This adaptor is a must for anyone wanting to 'link' their Thumper Lithium battery pack to an existing dual battery system so it can charge from the same line.

The TL-DB will allow the Thumper Lithium Battery pack to charge from the same charging system as an existing dual battery, however it will prevent any reverse drain from the two different systems occurring.

  • Connect the GREY 50 Amp Anderson connector to the existing dual battery system.
  • Connect the BLACK 50 Amp Anderson connector to the Thumper Lithium Battery Pack
  • The adaptor will allow for the Thumper Lithium to charge alongside of an existing battery system
  • The adaptor will prevent the two battery systems from discharging together

Rated capacity of adaptor: Max. 20 Amps

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