Thumper Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Hub 120 AH Link Hub | TBH120-LK-BT *BLUETOOTH model

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TBH120-LK-BT (LINK Hub) - Bluetooth model


Need more power?

What do you do if you have purchased a Thumper Lithium Battery Hub already, however, now you need more power?

No problem! Thumper now offer a simple solution of a Thumper Battery Link Hub.

The Link Hub is designed in two models in both 100 AH and 120 AH capacity, to include an option with and without sockets. The Link Hub simply 'BINDS' with the Master Hub to increase both Amp Hour capacity and discharge capacity to offer the ability to run larger discharge appliances for a longer duration.

The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub can be linked to either a 100 AH or 120 AH Link Hub, and you can even link a 100 AH with a 120 AH!

The Bluetooth App will allow the option to reset the total Amp Hour capacity to monitor both Hub's together, or instead, the user can continue to monitor each battery separately.

The App will provides the ability to either run both Hub's in parallel with one another, equally sharing the discharge or charge load between the two, or, instead the user may choose to keep the Thumper Link Hub as a reserve battery and activate it only when they wish to start using. All of this and more is available from the FREE Bluetooth App!

This particular model Link Hub is designed without sockets and is designed to be charged and maintained through the use of any of the Thumper Battery Master Hub's.


The Thumper Battery Hub has been designed to offer both portability and reliability with its light weight and compact design. Now equipped with Bluetooth technology for remote battery monitoring of capacity, cell temperature and remote power shut down; The features of the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub Bluetooth are truly second to none.

Available in several models, including a 100 AH or 120 AH capacity and with the option of a DC battery charger, the Thumper Battery Hub includes everything required for an independent battery system.

The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub is the smallest, most compact, independent battery system available today. It offers the largest usable battery capacity compared to any rival product available on the market with 100% usable capacity down to 12.4 volts and is 100% Bluetooth monitored.

 This package includes the following items:

  • Thumper Lithium Battery Hub 120AH LINK HUB (No DC / No sockets)
  • Secure battery mounting tray with strap
  • 120 Amp Anderson to 120 Amp Anderson link lead
  • Complete in built Bluetooth APP
  • 5 year warranty on battery


**Note: This particular model does not include a 240 volt battery charger or vehicle wiring loom as these items are provided with the Master Hub options **



The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub is fitted with one of the most comprehensive Bluetooth monitoring Apps available on the market.

The App offers the ability to monitor and control:

  • Battery capacity
  • Battery Voltage
  • Percentage remaining capacity (Example: 0% - 100%)
  • Battery charging current
  • Battery discharge current
  • Battery output disconnect
  • Battery charge disconnect
  • Number of cycles consumed
  • Auto cell calibration
  • Auto cell protection
  • Estimated time remaining
  • Estimated charging time
  • AH capacity - Including remaining AH & AH consumed
  • Total cell balancing
  • High cell voltage
  • Low cell voltage
  • Cell voltage difference
  • Monitoring of dual battery sensors
  • Ability to parallel link and re-program AH capacity


Thumper offer a number of videos to help explain in more detail the operation of the Bluetooth App, however, a few key points are covered in this listing (videos to be uploaded soon).

For any technical advice regarding the App, we recommending contacting our team direct directly.

 Bluetooth App | Home screen - explained:

  Bluetooth App | Control Screen - Explained:

The Bluetooth app offers the ability to control the charge or discharge loads from the battery by remotely switching ON / OFF the power via the Bluetooth App.

Simply go into the CONTROL panel of your Bluetooth App and press: 

CHARGE SWITCH  - to remotely disconnect all charge loads from the battery. Turning this particular switch OFF will prevent the battery from taking a charge load from any charging source.

DISCHARGE SWITCH  - to remotely disconnect all discharge loads from the battery. Turning this particular switch OFF will prevent the battery from running any appliance as it disconnects all loads from the battery. This is the perfect option to use when storing the battery.


Check out a small video on the introduction of the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub:



General information:

Battery Chemistry, Charging & Maintenance:

The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub contains Lithium Phosphate LiFePO4 Prismatic cells. The battery holds a 5 year manufacturing warranty and is designed as the ideal option as a independent dual battery system.

The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub uses extremely safe and virtually maintenance free technology. The battery is internally secured for protection in harsh off-road conditions and has been designed with thermal stability protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection and internal short circuit protection.

The battery is protected with dual temperature sensors on both the individual battery cells and the Battery Management System (BMS), both of which are easily monitored via a FREE downloadable Bluetooth App.

Monitoring the charge condition of the Battery Hub is an easy process through the Bluetooth App.

Not into apps? No problem, simply use the digital voltage meter fitted to the battery for a guide on the battery charge condition.

The Thumper Battery Hub is considered to be fully charged when the battery meter is reading approx. 13.4 Volts and the LED bar graph around the voltage display illuminates with a minimum of three green bars.

Interested in the internal construction of the battery? Thumper lift the lid on our batteries to show you the quality of the cells, BMS and overall construction.

Battery capacity, Maximum discharge and connection points

The Thumper Lithium Battery Link Hub with sockets offers 120 AH of usable battery power and is fitted internally with a ‘Battery Management System’ (BMS) rated to 120 Amps.

The 120 Amp BMS is equal to approx. 1440 watts of power. This refers to the maximum discharge capacity the battery can release to run heavy appliances such as Inverters, air compressors, etc. The maximum draw on the Thumper Lithium 120 AH Battery Hub is 1440 watts.

Larger output requirements, exceeding 50 Amps but limited to 120 Amps, it is recommended to use one of the two 120 Amp Anderson connectors fitted to the top of the Battery Link Hub

240 Volt battery charger: Not included with the LINK HUB model

Vehicle wiring loom: Not included with the LINK HUB model

Mounting Tray: Included in the package is a complete mounting tray and stray for secure mounting of the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub.




Part No. TBH120-LK-BT
Battery Capacity 120 AH usable capacity
BMS Capacity 120 Amps (1440 watts)
Cell Type / Chemistry Prismatic / LiFePO4
IP Rating IP65
Case material ABS
BMS Built in YES



Length (Total)
355 mm
Width (Total)
190 mm
Height (Total)
245 mm
12.0 kg



BMS High temp cut out / Reconnect 80˚C / 50˚C
Discharge - 23˚C ~ 65˚C
Charge -   3˚C ~ 65˚C
- 20˚C ~ 45˚C



Recommended Charge Current 30 Amps
Max Charge Current 120 Amps
Recommended Charge Voltage 14.2 ± 0.20V
Max Charge Voltage 14.8 ± 0.20V



Max discharge current (continuous) 120 Amps (1440 watts)
Charge Current (0° to -10°C)
< 0.1C
Charge Current (-20° to -10°C) < 0.5 C
Recommended Discharge Voltage 10.8 ± 0.20V
Max Discharge Voltage 8.8 ± 0.20V
Efficiency - round trip > 99.5%
Self Discharge Rate per month ≤ 3%
Warranty: 5 years on battery


Common questions and answers:

1. Can I run my appliances and charge the battery at the same time?

Yes! Absolutely. This is the best way you can use the battery system. The battery is able to safely charge (via the vehicle, 240 volt battery charger, or solar), whilst running your 12 volt accessories.

2. How long will the 240 volt battery charger take to charge my power hub?

If the battery is completely discharged, then the battery charger (provided) can take up to 10 hours to completely recharge the battery hub. Keep in mind that the battery hub does not need to be flat before you recharge your battery

3. Can I add a DC Battery Charger to this pack?

Lithium batteries will charge best in the vehicle when coupled with a suitable DC Battery charger. Thumper do offer two model Battery Hubs with the DC charger fully fitted and hardwired to the unit; Redarc and Projecta.

If you own a DC Charger already, then it is no problem to use this to charge the Thumper power Hub, providing it has a Lithium setting (or an AGM setting that falls within an appropriate voltage range). Simply connect your existing DC charger to one of the Anderson connectors fitted on the Battery Hub.

4. Can I link another battery for increased capacity?

Yes! Thumper offer a battery LINK HUB that is designed for this sole purpose of linking the two hub's together. The linking hub is fitted with a 120 Amp Anderson connector and will allow you to parallel link the two Battery Hub's so to increase both the overall capacity as well as the BMS rating (2 x 120 battery hubs = 240 Amp BMS / 2880 watt capacity)

If you are not wanting to link to the Thumper Linking Hub, then the other option would be to link to a TL-120P model (via 120 Amp Anderson on the Hub to ring terminals on the battery). This would provide the same effect on the increase capacity.

5. What is the warranty on the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub?

The warranty on the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub is 5 years from date of purchase.

 Download Brochure HERE

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