Thumper replacement batteries to suit ELITE 80 AH (DIP-E80)

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This listing includes:

1 x Set of 5x 12Volt / 16 AH cells (provided as image above show)

These cells will be fastened together with silicone and will be pre-wired with all the cables required to complete the repack

1 x Tube of roof and gutter silicone

This tube will allow you to secure the DROP IN cells to your Thumper housing (quality silicone)

1 x Complete set of instructions on how to complete your Thumper repack with the DROP IN cells 

The Thumper 80 AH DROP IN cells will suit:

Thumper Elite 80 AH (BLACK UNIT with in BUILT VSR)
- Please see our other listings for all drop in packs to suit your Thumper

Please note:
This set of drop in cells is specially designed for the BLACK model ELITE 80 AH only. This set of drop in cells will repack your Thumper to a 80 AH capacity

If your Thumper case previously held cells that allowed for a 60 AH capacity in the black model, you will unfortunately not be able to use this set of DROP IN's.

Please see our other listings for a DROP IN 64 AH replacement cell kit to suit your Thumper unit

The Thumper cells will arrive already connected with silicone and will be pre-wired with a complete set of cables (everything you will require for your battery repack)

You will receive a tube of silicone to help you complete the repack along with a complete set of instructions.



The Thumper range of AGM Battery Pack's have been on the market for nearly 20 years.
These high quality range of AGM Batteries are completely sealed and have a fantastic standby life, making them the perfect choice for the use in Caravans, Motor homes and camper trailers.

But what do you do when your battery pack finally gives up the ghost?

The Answer: REPACK it!

Thumper have just made repacking your battery pack even easier with the complete set of DROP IN replacement cells.

Completely wired and fastened together, the DROP IN cells are ready to simply 'drop into' your Thumper housing and with two simple connections, you're done!

No need to solder as Thumper have already done the work for you! - Simply re-connect the main wires from your housing to the new DROP IN batteries with a crimp joiner.

See included instructions for more information or contact directly to speak with our friendly staff at Home of 12 Volt - Mount Barker

An overview on the THUMPER Battery pack -
Each Thumper unit consists of multiple 12 Volt AGM cells (Absorbed Glass Matt) linked together in parallel.

The cells are maintenance free and will not leak or gas when charging; perfect for use inside the vehicle or enclosed areas.

Unlike other batteries on the market, the Thumper range of batteries hold a very low internal resistance, resulting in the ability to charge at a rapid rate and reach fully charged within 2 – 3 hours of vehicle charging.

The Thumper battery is classified as our “hybrid battery”. Due to the way in which this battery is designed, it allows for the battery to be not only be used as a deep cycle battery, but also as a cranking battery.

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