Voltage LED indicator GREAT for monitoring batteries! Adjustable | BA-LED

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These LED indicators are a perfect way to monitor your battery. Designed to be flush mount within a plate, battery box or display board, they are easy to use and very cost effective.

Provided with an easy to connect alligator clamp fitting, these monitors offer the user the option to remove with ease and use for multiple batteries.

The LED indicators will operate on the varying voltage of your battery and will provide a good indication to the remaining charge status of your battery.

A voltage guide has been provided in the image (sticker does not come included with purchase)

The voltage board is adjustable via a turn style screw on the board.

Designed for 9 - 15 Volt DC.

Voltage GUIDE to lighting:

First Green light
Battery is connected
Second Red light Waring light | Time to recharge battery
Third Yellow light Battery Charge status between 25 -  50% capacity
Fourth Green light Battery Charge status between 50 -100% capacity
Fifth Green light Charging
Sixth Red light Charging voltage exceeds 14.4V


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