100 Amp Battery Capacity Volt / Amp meter (Max 80V) | BCI-R100 | Suits Lithium & AGM

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This digital meter is truly a one of a kind. When installed correctly, the meter will allow the user to to monitor:

  • Voltage of the battery
  • Current (Input or Output)
  • Remaining capacity of battery in percentage


This particular gauge is uniquely suitable for monitoring different chemistry batteries, such as LITHIUM or lead acid batteries (AGM / GEL / Wet-cell batteries).
With an operating parameter 8 - 80 Volts, this unit is suitable for 12 Volt / 24 Volt / 36 Volt / 48 Volt systems.

Supplied with a 100 Amp Shunt, patch cable and digital gauge; the gauge is extremely easy to wire to any battery system. Simply follow the provided wiring diagram below: 

Part No BCI-R100
Current 100 Amps  (available in higher capacities also)
Operating voltage DC 8V - 80V
Overall size 59 X 20mm
Technical parameters:
Working power consumption 10.mA (Max 12.0mA)
Standby power consumption 0.5mA (Max 0.6mA)
Sleep power consumption 50uA (Max: 60uA)
Voltage acquisition accuracy +/-1.0%
Current acquisition accuracy +/-1.0%
Ambient temperature range 0 - 35C
Back light on current (50A)
30mA (Max 60mA)
Battery capacity setting value 0.0 - 999 A
Note: The minimum voltage battery recommended on this device is 12 Volt.

1.Residual capacity of battery (Ah or mAh)
2.Capacity percentage
3.Battery voltage remaining
4.Battery current remaining 
5.Power output

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