12V White Kettle - 1L Camping Kettle from cigarette plug | GH1386

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This attractive kettle features a water level window, an auto-shut off and a boil dry protector. The kettle has a power rating of 150W, which is about the maximum you can pull from a cigarette lighter or 12V power socket. Make sure your cig lighter circuit has a 15A fuse fitted.
This is the perfect option for people on the move. Maybe you would like a coffee when you stop on that long trip in the car? Or maybe a cup of soup to keep you going? Well the 12 volt kettle is the perfect solution without having to spend big dollars on buying an inverter and adding an unnecessary heavy power draw on your batteries. 

Like your household kettle, it is best only to use the amount of water you require as this will limit the time in which the kettle takes to boil. 

The kettle runs from a cigarette socket, so in order to limit the draw on the cigarette socket, please allow for a little time for the kettle to fully boil. 
A great tip would be to fill the kettle whilst traveling so that when you stop 10-30mins later (depending on water volume) you can have boiling water when you arrive. 
Vehicle or Vessel Powered
Vehicle Connection Cigarette Lighter
Required Voltage 12V
Lead Included
Product Dimensions
Depth 150mm
Liquid Volume 1000ml
Length 165mm
Height 185mm
12 month warranty

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