15M 15amp RV Extension Lead | 4020

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15M Australian RV 15amp Extension Lead

Your Reliable Power Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Needs!

Key Features:

  • Extra Heavy-Duty Design: This 15M 15A extension lead is built to withstand demanding indoor and outdoor applications. It's constructed with durability and robustness in mind, ensuring it can handle various conditions with ease.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, this extension lead is incredibly versatile. Whether you need to power your caravan, commercial equipment, or industrial machinery, it has you covered.

  • Flexible and Durable: The cable's flexibility and durability ensure that it can stand up to daily use and movement without easily wearing or breaking.

  • Clear Moulded Plug and Socket: The extension lead features a clear moulded plug and socket for added safety and convenience. You can easily see if everything is connected securely.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Length: 15 meters (15M)
  • Amperage: 15A

No matter your power needs, this 15M 15A Extension Lead is up to the task. It combines durability, flexibility, and a clear design for easy handling and connection. Whether you're on the road with your caravan, powering commercial equipment, or working with industrial machinery, this extension lead ensures a reliable power source. Upgrade your electrical setup with this versatile and dependable extension lead today!

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