Adaptor - 50 Amp Anderson to Caravan adaptor (7 Pin Flat)

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When you connect your camper trailer / Caravan to the vehicle, the 7 pin plug provides power to feed the lights and smaller 12 volt power sockets.

This adaptor has been designed to allow the user to generate that same power to a Caravan / Trailer from a battery source that uses a 50 Amp Anderson.

For example: If you use a power pack that is fitted with an Anderson connector, you can connect this adaptor into the Anderson of the battery pack and the other side would connect into your Caravan 7 pin.

This model is fitted with a 7 pin FLAT connector.

This adaptor is also available in a 7 Pin ROUND model.

Item specifics:

  • 7 Pin trailer connector (Flat design)
  • 3mt 4mm twin core cable
  • Grey 50 Amp Anderson (Genuine)

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