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Home of 12 Volt offers an extensive range of power packs, control boxes, cables and accessories to help with all types of 12 volt installations.

All control boxes are internally soldered and wired with 4mm and 6mm automotive twin sheathed oxygen free cable. These quality control boxes will truly last the test of time and will not tarnish (go green) after many years of use in harsh environments. The use of oxygen free cable means that voltage drop will be greatly reduced when using these control boxes.

Specifications per outlet box: 

- 1 x Spring Cap Merit / Hella socket

* rated at 15 Amps at 12 Volt

* rated at 7.5 Amps at 24 Volt

- 1 x Internal manual reset circuit breaker 15 Amp rating (push to reset)

- 1 x approx. 250mm length 6mm Twin core cable with yellow crimp joiners


Length -  107 mm

Depth -   35 mm

Height -  78 mm

** All measurements include sockets

2 Year Warranty

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