Dual Battery System VSR140K-6mm Complete dual battery loom

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12 Volt 140 Amp Dual Battery System VEHICLE KIT

An affordable and reliable, easy to install dual battery management system that requires no modification to the vehicle’s wiring.


The components of this kit includes:

- 1 x 50 Amp Anderson connector

- 1 x Narva 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Isolator (VSR)

- 1 x 6mt length of 6mm automotive Twin Core cable (rated to 50 Amp)

- 10mm automotive connecting cable with automatic reset 50 Amp Circuit breaker
(250mm lead to connect circuit breaker to isolator and 600mm lead to connect Main battery to VSR)

This kit is ideal to carry a realistic load of approx 50 Amps continuous

The VSR 6mm charge kit  has been designed with a VSR dual battery isolator to charge batteries either in the rear of the vehicle or in the Caravan or Camper Trailer.

The Charging kit comprises of a 140 Amp Narva voltage sensitive dual battery isolator. This isolator will allow for the vehicle's main battery to reach a full charge of 13.3 Volts then will automatically switch the charge to the secondary battery. This isolator takes priority over charging the vehicle's main battery to ensure the main battery reaches and remains at 100% capacity.

The kit is supplied with a heavy duty 8mm automotive connecting cable with in line automatic reset circuit breaker - rated to 50 Amps.
This lead comprises of a 250mm length to connect circuit breaker to isolator and another 600mm length to connect Main battery to VSR.

The final component of the charging system is a 6mt continuous length of 8mm twin core (automotive) oxygen free cable with a 50 Amp Anderson connector.
This lead is designed to run from the VSR (located under the bonnet of the vehicle near main battery's location) to either the rear of the vehicle (inside location) or to the towbar to continue to the Caravan or camper trailer to charge your secondary battery(s) system. (optional extra kit is available for the wiring of the caravan / camper trailer)

Narva VSR140 Amp Isolator

Narva’s new Voltage Sensitive Relays have been specifically designed for a wide variety of 12V & 24V applications.
The VSR units sense the input voltage generated and automatically connect / disconnect the appliance or circuit at pre-set voltages, eliminating the possibility of discharging the primary starting battery.

Constructed with a weatherproof body (IP65) and durable silver tipped contacts, the VSR units also feature surge protection and a L.E.D indicator designed to alert the user when the unit is engaged.

Narva’s VSR units are ideal for dual battery set-ups as they enable two batteries to be charged at the same time and then isolates the batteries from each other when the vehicle is turned off, ensuring your starting battery is always charged & ready to go.

• Surge protection

• Durable silver tipped contacts

• L.E.D indicator

• Weatherproof body (IP65)

If you have any further questions or queries regarding this package or any other information, please feel free to contact us directly on 08 8391 3121.


ADD an extension to allow for an Anderson to rear of vehicle
This extension kit includes the following components in addition to the above kit
- Anderson double splice rear box
- 3mt length of 6mm twin core cable

This add on has a retail value of $ 86.70

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