Elecbrakes eb2 Electric Wirless Brake Controller Plug & Play | EB2

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How it works

Elecbrakes is a trailer mounted electric brake controller, wired directly into the trailers electrical circuit via an easy to use “Plug + Play” adaptor. Elecbrakes draws power from the taillight circuit as well as the brake light circuit ensuring sufficient power is available for up to two braked axles.

Choose an electric caravan brake controller for unbeatable towing performance, safety and ease. Caravan-mounted with wireless control, Elecbrakes saves you the time and money of installing a unit on every tow vehicle. Complete with precise braking presets, this smart solution makes sharing your caravan with family, friends and hirers simple.

Benefits for caravan owners

  1. Easy DIY setup – Anyone can install Elecbrakes’ Plug + Play system in as little as 5 minutes, with no electrical experience needed.
  2. Caravan-mounted – Families, friends and hirers have the flexibility to use various tow vehicles without any dashboard modifications.
  3. 5 user-defined programs – Set and save smooth proportional brake responses for different driving conditions and caravan weights.

"Plug + Play" Adaptors For Easy Install

We have a range of adaptor choices to suit your trailer and tow vehicle so you can simply "plug + play" with an easy 10 minute installation.

Waterproof & Shockproof

Made in Australia and designed to withstand everything our rugged country can throw at it. Elecbrakes brake controllers are built to last.

Multiple Braking Programs

Once you've found the perfect settings for a certain load or for particular conditions, you can save that as it's own preset and then quickly switch to those settings in future at the press of a button.

Trailer Mounted For Ultimate Flexibility

Because the device is mounted to your trailer and not wired into the dashboard of your tow vehicle, you can use multiple tow vehicles with no need for any vehicle modifications.


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