Induction Cooktop Single Built-in / Portable 2000W | INC280018006

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Compact 276 x 366 mm Design

  • Glass Top 276 mm x 366 mm x 3mm
  • Cut Out for unit to drop into: 252 mm x 342 mm
  • 65mm high if feet removed otherwise 85mm
  • Lightweight and both portable OR built-in OR both

2000W SAA Approved Induction Cooktop:

  • Glass Top 276 mm x 366 mm x 3mm
  • Cut Out for unit to drop into: 252 mm x 342 mm
  • Protrudes by 65mm if feet are removed.
  • Starts on medium setting approx 1200W
  • Finger slide control to low or high
  • Has “Pause” function, for a quick one touch pause of power !

Induction cooking:

  • Can be used outside during Total Fire Ban
  • Fastest way to cook – 2min for 0.5L Water at 2,000W
  • 94% Efficient; compared to 40% for LPG and 70% Electric
  • Safe and cool to touch after use
  • Ceramic glass top – easy to clean
  • Cool to touch immediately after use
  • Induction pots and pans now commonplace and inexpensive 
  • Can be set at “slow cook” – walk away and enjoy the day without worry of open flame.


Most Induction cooktops are designed for home kitchens requiring significant power and not for RV’s…..

  • RV’s are using 2000W or 3000W inverters and built in home models are 2400W or 3600W.
  • Another problem is your 4WD/Camper trailer/Caravan may not be wired for more than 2,400W (10A).
  • Electrical problems may follow and there may be a serious safety hazzard.


If your inverter struggles on 2,000W or simply is a smaller size like 1600W, you can still use this induction cooktop as follows:

  • This induction starts at a mid-level setting, around 1200W
  • Slide your finger on the controls till the inverter is at its maximum. Mark that point.
  • Cook to this maximum level.
  • Note that most inverters when running high get hot and derate their output so you may have to reduce from this maximum level if cooking for some time.

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