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Induction Cooking is 94% efficient!

Conventional stove top cooking methods heat the pan through convection and conduction. The heated pan then heats the food.  The food may not be evenly heated and it is common to stir or move around the food to cook evenly. Gas cooktops are 40% efficient typically. In the wind, it is far less.

An induction cooker uses electricity and magnetism to make your pan the source of heat.

Pans that are cast iron are naturally excellent. Special ferrous metals are added to alloy pans to perform well with induction.

As soon as you turn on your induction cooktop on and it detects a pot or pan, the electric coils beneath the ceran glass surface generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field transfers energy very efficiently at 94% to the pot or pan directly. It uses no heat to transfer this. As the magnetic field changes direction at high speed, the metal particles oscillate and set up eddy currents. This causes the particles in your pots and pans to an extent that they become hot.

Induction cooking:

  • Can be used outside during Total Fire Ban
  • Fastest way to cook – 2min for 0.5L Water at 1800W
  • 94% Efficient; compared to 40% for LPG and 70% Electric
  • Safe and cool to touch after use
  • Ceramic glass top – easy to clean
  • Cool to touch immediately after use
  • Induction pots and pans now commonplace and inexpensive 
  • Can be set at “slow cook” – walk away and enjoy the day without worry of open flame.

However they were designed for home kitchens requiring significant power and not for RV’s…..

  • RV’s are using 2000W or 3000W inverters and built in home models are 2400W or 3600W.
  • TWO Hot Plates may be needed Inside – not just a single.
  • Here is the problem using a home induction cooktop with two hobs and a 2000W Inverter…
    • Another problem is your 4WD/Camper trailer/Caravan may not be wired for more than 2,400W (10A).
    • Electrical problems may follow.
    • Maybe a serious safety hazzard.

    We solved this problem with a dual-hob induction cooktop that you can safely operate with either a 2,000W or 3,000W Inverter (separate Models).

Safiery 2 Hob Induction Cooktop

  • Built-in 1800W and 1500W hobs
  • Control System that prevents both hobs being turned high. Turn the second one up and the first will automatically turn down.
  • German IGBT control
  • German Schott Ceran High grade black crystal plate
  • Touch Sensor controls
  • Size: 520 x 290 mm
  • ​SAA Approval for Safiery


  • Timer
  • Child Lock 
  • Auto Safe Switch off
  • Over heat & empty pan safe off
  • Cookware detection off

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