LED Replacement for Caravan 2D Flouro Globe - 12VDC Cool White (ZD0670)

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One of the most common lights used in caravans up until quite recently, is the 16W 2D fluoro. The problem with these is not only do they draw a lot of power for the light they produce, but they also blow very frequently, take a long time to "warm up", and they aren’t very pleasant on the eye.


These LED replacement lamps solve all that! The circular shape metal core PCB is backed with the same moulding as a normal 2D fluoro, so it fits into the same light socket - all you have to do is bypass the fluoro ballast and supply the lamp with 12VDC directly. No need to carry spare globes as the LED lamp is impervious to vibrations, and the LEDs are rated to last over 50,000 hours. Available in warm white (ZD-0672) or cool white (ZD-0670)

Product Dimensions
Diameter 150mm
Lighting Details
LED Quantity 60pc
Illuminated Colour Cool white
LED Power 9W
LED Voltage 12
LED Lifespan 50000hr
Beam spread 180°
Light Output
Light Rating Lumens 900lm
Warranty: 12 Months


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