Rovin Portable EcoSpin 2 Litre Washing Machine | RCC422

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Here’s a clever and easy way to keep your clothes, delicates, and small towels clean at the campsite. There’s no power required, and water use is kept to a minimum. To operate, simply drop in the items that need to be washed, pop in some washing liquid, add water, lock the lid on, then hand crank for a few minutes using the fold-out handle. Suction cups on the base help keep the tub in place, and an agitator within provides a more effective clean as you spin. A flexible hose with plug enables you to drain the water easily, without the need to strain your back carrying or lifting the tub. Once the water has been drained, you can hand crank the basket again to spin dry the contents. The basket has a generous 2kg capacity for items such as bras, t-shirts, underwear, socks, face towels, and more. When not in use, the handle folds away for easy storage.

- Hand-powered wash/spin
- 2kg capacity
- Flexible drain hose with plug

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