Rubber Cable Grommet 180pc Multi Pack | S6054

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This rubber grommet multi pack comes housed in a 8 way plastic parts case and includes 8 popular sizes of rubber grommets. See below for the quantities for each size of grommet included. The grommets in this pack can be used to block a path which may otherwise allow a liquid or a gas to escape. The grommet is then placed into a groove to secure them in place, and then compressed between two surfaces. The case is re-sealable which keeps things organised and prevents the grommets from getting lost.

Included Grommets:
40 x 2mm
40 x 4.5mm
40 x 6mm
5 x 12mm
25 x 9.5mm
40 x 11mm
5 x 14.5mm
5 x 17.5mm

Note: Size refers to cable entry diameter.


  • 8 way resealable plastic parts case.
  • 180 pieces of popular sized grommets.

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