Solar - PWM Charge controller / Regulator Waterproof 5 Amp

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This compact PWM solar charge controller is ideal for 6V & 12V battery systems and provides a max charge current up to 5A (suits solar panels up to 60W). The entire PCB assembly is housed in an epoxy filled housing measuring just 80Wx37Dx22Hmm. The internal circuitry provides protection against several conditions which can potentially damage your battery or the controller itself. These include over charge, over discharge, over current, reverse polarity and short circuits (when used with a 5A protection fuse).


  • Waterproof IP67
  • Rated Voltage:DC 6V/12V
  • Max input VOC: 11V(6V) / 22V(12V)
  • Max Current: 5A
  • Voltage of solar panels: 30W (5A,6V)/60W (5A,12v)
  • Float: 13.8V
  • Charge reconnect: 6.5V (6V) / 13V (12V)
  • Discharge stop: 5.6V(6V) / 11.2V(12V)
  • Discharge reconnect: 6.3V(6V) / 12.6V(12V)
  • Working Temp:-10- +40°
  • Weight:80g

      • Dimensions: 8L x 3.7W x 2.2Hcm

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice

    12 month warranty


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