Yamaha EF6300iS Inverter Generator Electric Start

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Yamaha 6.3 kVa, Electric Start Inverter Quiet Generator

The most powerful and most advanced inverter generator ever, the EF6300 quietly and confidently powers high demand items like pumps and caravan air-conditioners, as well as sensitive equipment like LCD LED TV's and computers. It comes with an electric start system and optional wireless remote.


  • Electric Circuit Breaker - Cuts off current when output voltage exceeds the designated maximum output capacity.
  • 4 Stroke OHV Engine - Powerful performance, precise valve actuation, excellent heat dissipation, low fuel consumption and reduced noise level.
  • Oil Warning System - Engine stops automatically when oil level is low, prevents engine damage and minimises costly repairs.
  • Auto Decompressor - Light recoil starting reduces compression for effortles starting.
  • Fuel Guage - Displays fuel level without having to open fuel cap.
  • Voltage Meter - Voltage confirmation at a glance.
  • Petrol Petcock - Reduces carburettor contamination during storage by turning of petrol flow and allowing the carburettor to run dry.
  • Brushless Alternator - Minimal maintenance, hassel-free service and clean output.
  • Electric Starter - Provides effortless starting, electric motor cranks generator until it starts.
  • Spark Arrestor - USFS-Approved - Keeps sparks from exiting exhaust system to reduce risk of errant sparks causing a fire.
  • Noise Block  - An acoustically engineered sound reduction system.

More controlled, clean power

Yamaha's Inverter System produces AC current within a controlled electrical circuit process, known as PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). As a result, fluctuations in engine speed do not affect the voltage or frequency of the electrical output  while at the same time reducing output emissions.

Multi-polar alternator system

The adoption of a Multi-Polar Alternator enables the generation of more efficient, high-frequency, 3-phase AC current that the inverter then turns into single phase electricity. The high efficiency alternators on a Yamaha inverter achieve a much lighter and more compact generating unit than conventional 2-pole rotor type alternators.



GENERATOR   EF1000iS EF2000iS EF2000iSC EF2400iS EF2800i EF3000iSE EF5500FW EF6300iSE EF7200E
Type Inverter Inverter Inverter Inverter Inverter Condenser Inverter Exciter with AVR
Rated Voltage 230V 230V 230V 230V 230V 230V 230V 230V
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Rated Output 0.9kVa 1.6kVa 2kVa 2.5kVa 2.8kVa 5kVa 5.5kVA 5.5kVa
Max. Output 1kVa 2kVA 2.4kVa 2.8kVa 3kVa 5.5kVa 6.3kVa 6kVa
Rated Amperage 4.3Amps 7Amps 10.4Amps 12.2Amps 13Amps 16.5Amps 23.9Amps 20.8Amps
DC Output 12V / 8Amps 12V / 8Amps 12V / 8Amps None 12V / 12Amps None None None
ENGINE Engine Type OHV MZ50              Air Cooled OHV MZ80              Air Cooled OHV MZ175              Air Cooled OHV MZ175              Air Cooled OHV MZ175              Air Cooled OHV MZ360              Air Cooled OHV MZ360              Air Cooled OHV MZ360              Air Cooled
Displacement 50CC 79CC 171CC 171CC 171CC 357CC 357CC 357CC
Max. Output 1.6kW (2.2hp)          @4000rpm 2.3kW (3.1hp)          @4500rpm 4kW (5.5hp)          @4000rpm 4kW (5.5hp)          @4000rpm 4kW (5.5hp)          @4000rpm 8.8kW (12hp)          @4000rpm 6.6kW (9hp)          @3400rpm 8.8kW (12hp)          @4000rpm
Starting System Recoil Recoil Recoil Recoil Recoil / Electric Recoil Electric Recoil / Electric
GENERAL Size - LxWxH (mm) 450x240x380 490x280x445 527x419x459 487x395x425 680x445x555 670x535x565 780x616x692 670x535x565
Dry Weight 12.7kg 20kg 32kg 29kg 67kg 80kg 91kg 93kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.5L 4.4L 6L 11.2L 13L 28L 17L 28L
Operating Hrs (1/4 Load) 12hr (Eco On) 10.5hr (Eco On) 9hr (Eco On) 17hr (Eco On) 20.5hr (Eco On) 11hr (Eco On) 12.6hr (Eco On) 11hr (Eco On)
Noice Level (Full Load) 57dBA (7m) 61dBA (7m) 59dBA (7m) 67dBA (7m) 57dBA (7m) 71dBA (7m) 65dBA 71dBA (7m)
FEATURES Brushless Alternator P P P P P P P P
Auto Decompressor P P P P P P P P
Electric Start O O O O P O P P
Circuit Breaker Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic Non-Fused Electronic Non-Fused
Fuel Level Guage O P P P P P P P
Oil Level Warning P P P P P P P P
Voltage Meter O O O O O P P P
Pilot Lamp P P P P P O P O
Noise Block P P P P P P P P
Economy Idle Control Manual Switch Manual Switch Auto (internal) Manual Switch Auto (internal) N/A Auto (internal) N/A
TwinTech (Parallel Use) O P P O O O O O
ACCESS Transportation Kit O O Optional O Standard w/ wheels O Standard w/ wheels O
Remote Start Kit O O O O Optional O Optional Optional
DC Plug P P P O P O O O
DC Charging Cord P P P O P O O

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