Thumper In line VSR50 Dual Battery Isolator - rated to 50Amps 12V

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Thumper In line battery isolator (50 Amp)
+ 1 mt Anderson to Anderson connecting lead (6mm)

Part No: 

Rated Capacity:


Cut in Voltage: 

Cut out Voltage: 


50 Amps


13.2 Volts

12.7 Volts
Blue Apple Thumper offer an in line Dual Battery isolator, the perfect option for the individual who has multiple vehicles, fleet cars, or just do not have the room under the bonnet for an isolator.

This light weight and compact design VSR50 has been manufactured with the use of easy fit 50 Amp Anderson connectors for both the input and output connection. 

Ideally suited for dual battery systems where under bonnet isolators are difficult to install, or for individuals who have one battery that changes between multiple vehicles; this in line isolator now offers the benefits of an easy, quick connect isolating system. 

Rated to 50 Amps in capacity, the THUMPER In line isolator is suitable for charging a secondary battery bank within the vehicle up to a capacity of 200AH.

Supplied as a individual unit or as a complete kit, the Thumper VSR50 is perfectly suited for both all newer and later model vehicles. 


How does the VSR50 work? 

The cut in voltage of the Thumper VSR50 is approx 13.2 Volts, making it the perfect companion for most newer model vehicles with low alternator outputs. 
Once 13.2 Volts has been reached in the main battery voltage, this voltage will also be detected on the INPUT 50Amp Anderson. At this time, the isolator will engage by parallel linking the main battery and the secondary battery together to allow charge to be offered through to the secondary battery system. (just like a normal dual battery system)

When the voltage of the vehicle charge line falls below 12.7 Volts (indicating the ignition has been switched off and the vehicle is no longer charging),  the isolator will activate and will act to separate the two batteries (the main cranking battery and the secondary battery system). 

The Thumper in line isolator is manufactured with an internal circuit breaker allowing for protection against short circuits and overload.


This hand sized VSR50 isolator is perfect for: 

- Vehicles in which under bonnet dual battery isolators are difficult to install 
- Newer model vehicles with low alternator outputs 
- Situations in which one battery is transferred between multiple vehicles
- Business vehicles, where installing charging systems in difficult / not allowed
- Situations in which you would like to isolator one secondary battery from another 
     .. these are only a few ! 


The VSR50 is available as a complete kit to install in your vehicle - please view our other listings for this kit. 
Model No:

Rated capacity:

Internal protection:






50 Amps continuous


50 Amp Anderson (Input connection) 
50 Amp Anderson (Output connection)

137mm (Width across face - Includes Andersons) 
105mm (Height) 
55mm (Depth)

0.425 kg 

2 Years 
Supplied with a 1mt Anderson to Anderson connecting lead



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